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Primary Oracy

This Work Group explores the use of oracy to support mathematical understanding in the classroom.

‘Most reasoning remains invisible ‘ it stays inside people’s heads.  In order for students to improve their reasoning, it needs to be made visible and audible ‘ through oral or written explanations.’

Improving Reasoning: Analysing Alternative Approaches. Malcolm Swan 2011 revised 2016

Would you agree with this quotation from Swans article? Which pedological strategies do you currently use to encourage pupil reasoning?  Are all the children in your class happy to share their reasoning or are some more reticent? This is an opportunity for you to work alongside other primary teachers to research different pedagogical strategies and to determine which you believe, from your observations, impact most positively on different attainment groups.

This Work Group aims to deepen students’ understanding of maths by using strategies for oracy to develop students’ reasoning skills and to support them in making connections with mathematical structure.

Central to the Work Group is establishing a community of practice, aiming to answer the research question: ‘How can Oracy deepen students’ mathematical reasoning?’ This Work Group will consider pedagogical strategies, that participants will commit to experimenting with, and the impact that the specific pedagogy of Oracy can have on students’ mathematical thinking and securing understanding.

Primary Oracy
Wembrook Primary School, Avenue Rd, Nuneaton CV11 4LU
Session 1
Monday 4th December 2023
9.30am – 4pm
 Session 2
Thursday 8th February 2024
1pm – 3.30pm Online
Session 3
Friday 8th March 2024
1pm – 3.30pm
 Session 4
Tuesday 18th June 2024
9.30am – 3pm

Impact of Work Group

We are so proud of the work we have been able to do this year, please see below a video from our two Work Group leads discussing the impact of the programme.

Origin’s Oracy Work Group was also featured in the NCETM Annual Report 2022-23

Please see the excerpt below, for the full Annual Repport please click here: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/media/t2sd3kep/maths-hubs-annual-report-2023.pdf

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