Post-16 Secondary

Developing Core Maths Pedagogy Work Group

What is involved?

This project, developed and provided in partnership with the AMSP, will contribute to the wider national effort to support teachers and leaders to increase the growth in uptake and delivery of Core Maths in schools and colleges, and to establish Core Maths as a standard option for post-16 Level 3 students who are not taking A level Maths. 

What does the programme cover?

As a participant on the Developing Core Maths Pedagogy programme, you will:

  • along with colleagues in your department, understand the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to teaching and learning maths through contextualised problem-solving in authentic situations 
  • develop your understanding by exploring a range of common Core Maths approaches and topics (e.g. Fermi problems, critical analysis of numbers in the media) and their use of pre-release materials.
  • share approaches to the planning and delivery of the Core Maths curriculum 
  • apply related pedagogical approaches in their Core Maths teaching  
  • teach mathematical concepts and processes effectively through contextualised problem-solving 
  • identify and make effective use of existing Core Maths resources. 

Who can take part?

The project is for experienced teachers of Core Maths, in at least their second year of teaching Core Maths, who are looking to deepen their pedagogical understanding of contextualised problem solving around *Specific Maths Hub’s chosen theme*. These may be teachers in post-16 settings whose main subject is maths or whose main subject is not maths. Participants will be expected, where appropriate, to work with colleagues in their own department.  

What is the cost?

This project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and the AMSP so is free to participating schools/colleges.

Tudor Grange Academy Solihull, Dingle Lane, B91 3PD
Session 1
Tuesday 21st November 2023
9.30am – 4pm
Session 2
Friday 2nd February 2024
9.30am – 12.30pm
Session 3
Tuesday 19th March 2024
1pm – 4pm
Session 4
Friday 14th June 2024
9.30am – 4pm

“This programme really helped my confidence in teaching Core Maths. Prior to this I felt unsure about whether I was covering the topics and delivering the course as it should be. It was brilliant to have the chance to talk to others and to discuss the topic areas and the way other teachers were covering the material.” 

“A fantastic programme. The most useful professional development I have ever attended.” 


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