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Origin Maths Hub brings together mathematics education professionals from Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire in a collaborative network to develop and spread excellent practice in the classroom. We work with teachers of all phases from Early Years to Post-16, in line with the national Maths Hub programme and hope that there should be something for everyone in terms of our CPD offer.  

If you are unsure of how you could get involved with Origin Maths Hub, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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We have Work Groups suitable for teachers of mathematics from Early Years to post 16. Find out more by clicking below.

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From all of us at Origin Maths Hub, thank you for another fantastic year and we hope you have a wonderful summer! 🌞 https://t.co/28iyJsMvwq

RT @MarcusWongEdu1: I've been teaching for 20 yrs & the thing that keeps me in it is CPD. I've learned so much from @OriginMathsHub & @Teac

RT @KapadiaHazra: Now we have the dates for the Primary Maths Specialist training (Cohort 8) and Know the residential is in Birmingham, I…

RT @Miss_Etheridge: Hearing about the success of all of the groups @OriginMathsHub can’t wait to join next year.

Amazing to hear from a few of our superstar Local Leaders of Maths Education this afternoon. Sharing the successes… https://t.co/5ybwgTKjbu

Finally hearing from Natalie, one of our Secondary Mastery specialists sharing the success of the programme.… https://t.co/UMZIgUoXJR

Hearing from Eleni sharing successes of studying shapes as a secondary specialist #originllmecelebration https://t.co/QCRExd47NL

We do very much appreciate all that everyone does for the hub! https://t.co/PlTY8Vc6fU

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