Teaching for Mastery Primary

Primary Mastery Readiness Work Groups

These fully funded Work Groups offer collaborative training and bespoke support to help you to introduce mastery approaches into lessons – key to promoting a deeper and sustained understanding for all pupils.

A Maths vision was developed for the whole school.  We looked at current teaching pedagogy and refined it, teaching a more flexible approach to planning to enable more opportunities for depth. Teaching has adapted to enable children to use a range of strategies and they can discuss efficiency of methods.

Development Participant 2021

One benefit of joining Mastery Readiness is to begin to collaborate with and support other schools – enjoying the advantages of being part of a Work Group community.

Mastery Readiness Work Groups will focus on: 

  • the development of effective leadership
  • implementing structures to support change and teacher professional development in relation to teaching for mastery 
  • classroom culture and attitudes to maths that will support a teaching for mastery approach, on the part of both teachers and their pupils. 

Workshops for participants offer opportunity for reflection on current practice as well as developing knowledge of effective maths pedagogy and leadership. This is coupled with regular, bespoke school visits which aim to shape actions which work towards each school’s own vision for maths using a teaching for mastery approach. It is a supportive relationship between the Mastery Readiness Lead and each school. 

What are the intended outcomes?

Pupils will: 

  • demonstrate an improved mathematical mindset and potential to progress in the subject 
  • demonstrate an improvement in arithmetical proficiency. 

Participants will work with their school/subject leaders to: 

  • review current whole school policies and systems and individual classroom practice, and prioritise actions for those areas that directly relate to the ‘Catalysts for Change’ (Vision and Culture; Subject Expertise; Mathematical Mindsets; Arithmetical Proficiency; and Systems) 
  • promote a collaborative learning culture amongst staff in order to make improvements to the teaching and learning of maths 
  • develop a shared vision with the whole school community for what maths will look like in their school, to include the active development of positive mindsets for all pupils and staff. 


Applications are open for 2024 – 2025!

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