Primary Mastery Specialist Programme

Would you like to become a Primary Teaching Maths for Mastery Specialist?

Origin Maths Hub are looking for experienced and enthusiastic primary teachers with the capacity to lead change in their own schools, and to develop as leaders of professional development in other schools, to become Primary Mastery Specialists. Participants on this programme take part in a fully funded professional development programme leading to the opportunity to develop and work as a Primary Mastery Specialist.

A Primary Mastery Specialist will become a Work Group Lead who supports other schools in the second year of the programme, and then in subsequent years as allocated by the local Maths Hub. 

“This programme is the best CPD I have ever been part of. It is a real blend of subject knowledge for teaching and pedagogy whilst being delivered in a way that models how to share this new knowledge professionally with colleagues. Being involved with the Maths Hubs and NCETM, particularly the Mastery Specialist training, has had the single biggest impact on my practice as a teacher.”

– a Primary Mastery Specialist (taken from the end of programme survey)

What I have enjoyed most about being a new Primary Mastery Specialist is being part of an LLME community that has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other specialists  and broaden my confidence and expertise. It’s been amazing to lead my own TRG workgroup and see the impact of what they have taken away from these sessions and open lessons,  implemented and adapted in their own classrooms

Hazra, Coventry. Primary Mastery Specialist 2023

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