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Primary Early Career Teacher Community – Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

What is involved?

This project does not replace the statutory ECT offer but complements it. Maths subject knowledge continues to be an area of development for many practitioners in the primary phase. This project is designed to support ECTs to focus on learning behaviours in the classroom and to notice the range of their maths-specific practices. Phase 1 focuses on a single mathematical area to ensure time is spent on depth, as opposed to breadth, of content.  

To engage with this programme, participants will need to ensure they are able to attend each session with their local group, ensure that their headteacher supports their attendance, and be prepared to share their learning with their school-based mentor. 

Participants will attend the equivalent of up to 4 days of sessions, focusing between sessions on the use of tasks in the classroom; participants share their observations and discuss with peers. Participants will also share expertise through an online community and there is an expectation that they contribute to this. 

What does the programme cover?

As a participant on the Primary ECT Phase 1 programme, you will:

  • observe learning to identify how children are approaching their maths and review the implications of these observations for your practice 
  • review tasks set to ensure you support learners with developing their mathematical thinking strategies 
  • work with your mentor to engage constructively with colleagues and mentors, sharing with them the professional learning taking place within this programme. 

Who can take part?

Participants will be those identified as Early Career Teachers – teachers in their first or second year of teaching. If participants were unable to engage in their first two years, Maths Hub Leads can consider those in their third year of teaching. 

This programme is designed for primary early career teachers (those in their first or second year of teaching).

What is the cost?

The SKTM Primary Early Career Teachers Programme project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

95% agree that the programme has positively changed their professional practice through: 

  • working one-to-one with a pupil and then analysing with peers; participants found it easier to identify and plan for essential concepts 
  • analysing resources, pre-empting misconceptions, and using different representations of the same problem to support pupil learning 
  • the emphasis on the bigger picture of learning across key stages, and the building blocks and small steps needed for success.  
  • sharing practice in a variety of ways and continually learning from each other e.g. sharing and analysing pupil work. This supports their understanding of assessment and sequencing 
  • the project concentration on core concepts and pedagogies, which enhances a deeper understanding. 
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Phase 1 ECT Teachers
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