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Teaching Maths for Mastery – Special Schools and Alternative Provision Work Group

This Work Group is for teachers and teaching assistants (key stage 2 and secondary) of mathematics in special schools and alternative provision settings. We will explore how teaching mathematics for mastery can support and relate to everyday practice.

We will look at:

The sessions will focus upon key areas of the maths curriculum and will provide ideas and activities that can be used with children and will include upporting conversations with Mastery Specialists, reviewing pedagogical approaches, adapting provision, and reflecting on the impact of these adaptations.

Each introductory session will be followed up with individual support and reflection. This will enable a bank of resources to be developed and disseminated to all participants.

Providing participants with an opportunity to share their experiences and best practice will be a key feature of this Work Group.

Special Schools and Alternative Provisions Work Group
Venues and times TBC
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Session 2
Session 3

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